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Hong Kong: the wealth that tempts…

Hong Kong, which for 155 years (1842 –1997) was an overseas territory of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and for 23 years functioned as a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China was at the turn of history. There is a growing advocate that the time of its real autonomy

Equal adjustments on the dollar and the euro may stop PLN strengthening

Past days definitely belong to the zloty. This is not an exception, however, as the improvement in moods has also spread across the remaining emerging markets, strengthening their currencies. This is well illustrated by the WisdomTree Emerging Currency Strategy Fund chart, i.e. the ETF that gives exposure to emerging market currencies (ticker: CEW), which has

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Brazil: Stability of the “granary of the world” threatened

Brazil, the world's ninth largest economy, generates a nominal GDP of around US $ 1.8 trillion. Range of approx. 2% contribution in global GDP, however, it does not reflect Brazil's real contribution to the international division of labor. The significance of this impact on the macroeconomic stability of global economic life is only revealed to

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CHF/PLN first fall, then increase.

Don't miss your next moves on CHF / PLN. A drop to 4.04 is highly probable, but at the moment we are much higher, why should we miss the way down? Below are two strategies, one assumes taking the sales position after closing the candle, the price of which will fall below 4.17. The second

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Where and why to buy CHF against PLN?

PLN, like many other markets, has moved sideways in recent weeks. Last week has already signaled that the market will move to correction. The franc sellers managed to leave a long, negative candle on the weekly chart, and the market left the range of almost 2-month fluctuations. So we move to correction and it's time

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USA vs China

The consensus that blew out the pandemic The initial trade consensus between the United States and China reached in mid-January (disturbed by the effect of the global COVID-19 pandemic) was put to a very serious test these days. In our opinion, the situation is becoming so tense that a possible return to the starting point

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Silver began to chase gold

In recent months, there has been a lot of interest in precious metals, especially gold. Investors usually look at gold in market uncertainty, which was very high in February and March. The demand turned out to be so high that the price of "paper" gold (derivatives) was moved away from the physical (also due to

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CAC40 – here you can look at short positions

When looking at the situation on the main indicies, currently CAC40 technicians pay more and more attention. If we look at the CFD's weekly chart, we are now in a very sensitive place. Around 4600 points in the past they have proved to be a turning point many times. In more cases, the sellers showed

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Eurodolar is beginning to “stick” to support

Recently, the 1.0775 area, which has become support, is starting to play a significant role on EUR / USD. The daily chart shows its importance very well. The first, very strong reaction in this place we saw around February 20, when the panic associated with the potential effects of lockdown began to spread in the

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