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End of “Robinhood’s bull market” – the money will flow to the dollar again

Since yesterday the mood began to deteriorate. The market began to pay attention again to the number of cases that in many US states are not stopping growing. In addition, investors have reacted negatively to reports of a planned increase in customs duties by the US towards the EU. The new package would be worth

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DAX – you can look in the direction of 11300 points.

Since the beginning of this week, the bulls have been trying to get out of the weekly consolidation, built under resistance from the daily chart under 12450 points. I marked the previous places of reaction of the sellers with red arrows. The bulls were closest to success yesterday, but instead of continuing the upward movement,

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4.00 is a challenge for dollar buyers

While the franc or the euro, in terms of the scale of the last correction, went back to places where buyers did not have a major problem with taking the counterattack, in the case of the dollar the sellers technically went a bit. The consequence of this is now a big challenge for those playing

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DAX increases can only be a correction

Yesterday in the stock markets was very successful for the bulls. Increases did not miss the trading floor in Germany. It is worth realizing, however, that last week's drop left negative technical consequences. As you can see in the graph above, the area marked in red gave buyers a lot of trouble before. This is

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Nasdaq – bears begin to take control

We are after a 2.5 month rally on the stock markets. The main beneficiary of the lockdown was the technology sector, especially on-line shopping, but also digital entertainment or e-learning platforms. This is clearly seen by the changes in major stock indices. Nasdaq was the first to return to pre-pandemic levels. The dynamics of the

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Silver – correction to the nearest support

Recently, silver seems to be more and more resistant to falls. Although in recent days there has been a slight drop in prices, so far it looks like a pullback to the nearest support from the daily chart. These are around 1740 ¢ / ozt, where you will find an internal area that in the

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Good time to buy CHF

The dynamics of PLN strengthening recently has been impressive. It is no wonder that headlines in financial media are now dominated by this fact. This strong interest in the subject of the strengthening zloty may signal, however, that in the short term we are one step away from taking profits from long positions in PLN.

Eurodolar is getting closer to the end of gaining

EUR/USD has risen sharply in recent days. From last week it was an increase of about 3 figures, which is a considerable achievement for the average volatility so far. The weakening of the dollar is also accompanied by an improvement in global investment sentiment, flowing capital to equity markets (including emerging markets) and negatively correlated