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Cryptocurrencies – what they are and what their stories are.

Cryptocurrency is a kind of virtual security, not issued by the nation like fiat money. Currently, there are over 5,000 of them and they belong to 3 main groups: altcoins, tokens and Bitcoin. Theoretically, it is a means of payment, but about 95% of users use it to trade (buy cheaper, sell more expensive). Some

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Cryptocurrencies – a new series

Hi, my name is Jakub Wawrzyniak and I'm new here.  However, the world of cryptocurrency is not new to me, and here will be my place where I will try to lead you through it. In the beginning, briefly about myself. I have been passionate about digital currencies for less than 2 years. I am

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Can investing be learned?

The secret of Turtle Traders' success Beginner investors often ask the more advanced: whether to achieve success you have to be born with qualities that will make you succeed, or investing can be learned by treating it like any skill. Every time we learn a new skill; be it cycling or writing, the first steps

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How algorithms change investing

Processors, memory, resources, algorithms, codes and many other similar topics are becoming more and more popular in more and more areas of our lives. Automation, computer science and robotics sometimes revolutionary and sometimes imperceptibly appear in areas where they were not expected some time ago. Technical civilization is constantly gaining new footholds, and after some

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